Islas Baleares

for FS2002

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Box Version : 39,95 Eur

singles :
– Maiorca 2002: 19,50 Eur
– Menorca 2001/2 : 15,00 Eur
– Ibiza 2001/2 : 15,00 Eur

One of the nicest sceneries made by Sim-wings, a destiny that remember us the sun, the heat, holidays.This package have the 4 main airports of Baleares Islands and 1 aeroclub.

Palma de Mallorca Son San Juan
Son Bonet (Mallorca)
Aeroclub de Mahon
As usual on Sim-wings, this sceneries can be acquired individually or in boxed version. Besides the airports mentioned above, it is also represented the main turistic areas of this islands, with hotels and flats along the coast with excellent photorealistic textures.On the main airports neighbourhood we find many characteristic objects of the area, windmills, freeways and other constructions. This objects are visible if we setup the scenery density to higher stages, protecting those less equipped computers.


Historical data:

In 1930 the mallorca’s aviation gives his first step with the French Lucien Mamet. In July 2nd of 1916, Salvador Hedilla makes the first flight Barcelona-Palma with a Vendome, spending 2 hours to fly the route of 120 miles, landing at Son Banya, very close to the actual airport of Son San Joan.
Regarding the scenery, it’s a true copy of the real Mallorca’s airport, event the small details of the objects that makes part of airport’s history, we are going to find them inside and outside of the airport.

A panoramic view of the airport where we can already see the new terminal.

It’s a impressing airport due to his dimension, terminals quantity and access, almost all have terminal fingers.

Compare the real with the virtual. Look the detail used on the scenery.

It’s common to see small historical objects that probably were already there before the airport construction.

The new terminal is already recreated on the scenery.

All real photos are published on

Also all outside area from the airport and the coast of the Palma’s city was made with typical buildings and hotels.

The walk in the see with a large extension of sand, hotels and houses.

The small street shops along shore line with hotels and holiday’s houses.

All the historical part next to the cathedral is awesome where the “Castillo de Bellver”, a very well preserved castle of XIV century, is represented.

The night textures are in the level that Sim-Wings used us to – fantastic!!
The apron is well illuminated and the taxi procedure is made with no difficult.

All shore line is illuminated with all historical part of the city.

On the package it’s also a mesh that improves the general aspect of this isles giving a better visualization of the isles relief:

This small airport made around 1930 was the antecessor of the present Son San Juan airport, made in the 50’s. The architecture follows the 30’s fashion and we even can find a old DC-3 that remembers the period where this airport was important for Spain – the Spanish civil war.

Well represented this airport using also some photorealistic textures for the surrounding area.

We could leave our small general aviation aircraft here, during the night.
If you want to know more about this DC-3 click here .

Tourists say that Menorca is the most beautiful island of the Baleares group. With 216 Km of shore line, a very irregular relief, small scarped rocks, without mountains. The maximum height is 358 meters having a lack of protection against strong winds on the Winter. One hand, is the 2nd ‘s bif island, on the other hand is the less populated.
An advise to visit the “ciudadella” in the north of the isle. This city, in the past, was the isle’s capital until 1722.
The scenery shows the building that was built in a small downhill where the apron is placed in a spot higher than the car park.

The apron and main terminal.

Control tower.
A frame rate test that were in a acceptable level since the details is higher near the apron.

The ciudadella, with excellent photorealistic textures recreating the city’s architecture.

Good night texture, as usual.

A small aerodrome situated next to Menorca’s airport. It belongs to the Aeroclub Mahon, and it have the best conditions for VFR with small aircrafts.

This aeroclub has a grass runway and a small hangar.

This island and her airport are frequently called “Eivissa” witch is the original name for Ibiza. Close to the airport you can see areas with water and small salt’s hills also represented on this scenery. Her “sister” – Formentera – is also a touristic destination but there is no airport there, being the ferry her main access.
The scenery represents very well the airport, as well the most significant parts of the city, where you can see the castle and all the coast.

The location of Ibiza’s airport in a small peninsula.

The airport is small, but pleasured and take with a lot of care.

The city and her castle.
The mesh include the Ibiza isle and Formentera isle.

The night textures are fantastic for those that arrive after the sunset.

We liked :

-Scenery quality
-Night textures
-Representation of the most relevant aspect outside of the airports
-Included mesh for the islands

We didn’t liked :

-Static scenery can cause trouble on multiplayer mode

-The price
This scenery package of Baleares Islands made us happy, not only for his quality but also for the diversity of areas and objects along the islands. This quality comes from the Spanish Airports series also reviewed by AIRSIM, that left us with good impressions.
The Mallorca’s airport is, for sure, the eye candy on this scenery, a master’s piece obviously in dense scenery mode. The amount of objects make the difference on computer’s performance, but we can adjust that to the machine we have, making this scenery accessible for a large amount of users.
Nice flights
Antonio Gonçalves

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