Versão 2.0 do Wetter

O programa Wetter tem uma nova versão, a 2.0. Este programa ao contrário do “normal” não gera o tempo a partir de metars mas sim a partir de uma interface. É portanto destinado a criar situações metereológicas particulares.

Características do programa:
– random weather generation for FS2002- creates lot of different weather areas depending on the location of the airport- writes weather to a weather file (wetter.wx) and flight file (wetter.flt), which are located in your FS2000 flights/myflts folder- need not to be run together with FS2002, so there will be more RAM for FS2002- creates weather for every airport in FS2002- creates low and high pressure areas- creates smooth pressure changes- creates winds that turn around high and low pressure areas as in reality- creates different wind layers- creates gusty winds (you may switch to steady wind generation)- creates clouds depending on the location of high and low pressure areas- creates up to 4 cloud layers- creates thunderstorms (you may also switch thunderstorms off)- creates fog areas (you may also switch fog generation off)- creates rain areas depending on the location of high and low pressure areas- creates cold and warm fronts with typical clouds and winds- possibility to select thin cumulus cloud layers for better frame rates on slow machines- creates turbulence (you may also switch turbulence off)- creates temperatures which are typical for the location of the airport and the season- creates different temperature layers- creates realistic dewpoints with effect on visibility- creates visibility depending on the location if high and low pressure areas- shows and prints weather reports for better flight planning- shows maps with fog, thunderstorm and rain areas, so the search for such areas will be very easy- “training option”: no surface winds or no winds at all possible- help buttons for almost every option- tool tips when moving cursor over button- no need to be connected to the Internet during your flight

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