Lançado ActiveSky 1.7

Damian Clark em press release anunciou o lançamento da versão 1.7 deste programa. As novidades mais interessantes são: Ventos em altitude offline; Melhoria no download dos ventos em altitude quando online; Resolução de alguns bugs da versão 1.6. Em “leia mais” a press release original.

HiFi Simulation Software announces the release of ActiveSky wxRE v1.7. This new version incorporates offline winds aloft download and processing capability, greatly improves the online winds download process, improves general processing performance, and fixes a few minor issues found in v1.6.
ActiveSky wxRE v1.7 is the next-generation real-world dynamic weather environment simulation for FS2002. It represents the combined effort of the developer, beta team and all users who have provided great feedback and assistance through the development process. Realism features like wake turbulence simulation, intelligent turbulence generation, smooth cloud transitions, weather conflict handling, dynamic changing weather, TAF processing, wx briefing, RC3 support, FSFlightMax integration, FSSW and SquawkBox compatibility and now world-wide winds aloft in both online and offline modes round out the feature base to provide the most realistic and entertaining weather experience for flight simulation.
ActiveSky wxRE v1.7 update is provided free to all existing 1.x wxRE users. New users can find out more or purchase and download the add-on for $19.95
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