SimSystems fecha as portas

Sem dúvida uma 2ª Feira movimentada. A SimSystems foi comprada por outra empresa. Os produtos FSFlightmax, FSGarmin no estado actual passam a freeware. Todo o comunicado enviado à Simflight em leia Mais.

Sim Systems, Brisbane, Australia.Monday, April 14, 2003
We are now in a position to publicly announce some recent events that have happened with Sim Systems and the flight simulation market. Effective immediately, all source code, intellectual property and distribution rights for FSFlightMax, FSGarmin430 and FSGarmin530 have been purchased outright by a third party vendor. The vendor in question now fully owns the above products and have expressed their intention to continue with development and enhancements.
The new owners have also taken possesion of the current registration database and will be contacting existing customers in due course. They are eager to enhance their existing product base by value adding the above products as well as incorporating some of our technologies into completely new product lines. This business arrangement has been completed under a very strict non-disclosure agreement to ensure competitive advantage to the new owners. Further to this, Sim Systems cannot develop or enhance any new or existing products for the flight simulation market for a period of 12 months.
We have negotiated as part of the agreement that FSFlightMax, FSGarmin430 and FSGarmin530 as they currently stand will now be available as freeware. The appropriate installations will be made publicly available amongst various flight simulation sites in the community. We will also be supplying the registration key generators for these products so those who have previously made an investment can be secure in the knowledge that a new key can be generated at any time for any reason. The support forums, domains and websites will be taken offline on Wednesday morning, Australian Eastern Standard Time, April 16, 2003.
We sincerely hope the above announcement is met with enthusiasm and a positive outlook. The new owners have vastly greater resources than we do, and are in a much better position than we are to quickly and effectively modify and update these products. We are obviously very excited by this arrangement as it means the products we have developed over the years will not simply vanish forever.
We would also like to take this opportunity to say goodbye and thank everyone for their wonderful support over the years. One of the great pleasures of working in this community is the terrific group of people who make up the community. We have made many friends and met many people to whom we owe much. Without your support and friendship some of the things we have achieved would simply not have been possible. Thankyou.
Sim Systems

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