Programa para diagnosticar o scenery.cfg

Ora aqui está um programinha deveras útil e que se chama: fsscenery.exepode a partir de agora verificar a integridade do seu ficheiro scenery.cfg do Flight Simulator e corrigir alguns erros que possam existir. Mais detalhes em Inglês no Leia mais.

“Purpose:========This application creates a new version of FS2002 scenery.cfg with Areas sorted by original Layer number, with matching Area and Layer numbers assigned sequentially.This process can solve some problems with the scenery.cfg file when Areas/Layers are numbered incorrectly. The warning messages may help identify the source of such problems.The program checks for obvious issues first: Areas incorrect line length non-numeric value out of numerical sequence duplicate area numbers (A Warning is issued, but program will proceed.) Layers non-numeric values duplicate layer numbers (Because the new file will be sorted by Layer value, these must be corrected manually before program will proceed. The simplest solution for duplicates is to assign a layer number greater than any in use. Then run the program. You can then set the correct priority using the Scenery Library menu and run this program again if desired.)”Vejam

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