Real Azores Full Edition

Compre aqui o Real Azores Full Edition
Includes all nine Airfields (Corvo, Flores, Horta, Pico, São Jorge, Graciosa, Lajes, Ponta Delgada and Santa Maria) Detailed photo-realistic buildings with night effects Detailed photo-realistic runways Important VFR markings such as Sea Ports, Buildings, and others relevant AutoGen scenery with main cities Accurate Aeronautical data with latest situation Accurate Airport data with latest situation Simple Terrain Mesh near airfields Corrected AI aircrafts HeliportsWe will update the scenery when needed, starting with the almost done Pico’s runway construction and Graciosa old terminal reconstruction. These updates will be free of charge for this version’s users.Real Azores will make everything possible to garantee our sceneries’s compatibility with FS2004.Download Reference Manual
Corvo (LPCR/CVU)

Flores (LPFL/FLW)

Horta (LPHR/HOR)


São Jorge (LPSJ/SJZ)

Graciosa /LPGR/GRW)

Terceira (LPLA/TER)

Ponta Delgada (LPPD/PDL)

Santa Maria (LPAZ/SMA)

Compre aqui o Real Azores Full Edition

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