Fly To Brazil #5 – Cleared To Land

Flightsim Brasil’s most eagerly waited scenery pack is now available. Six more airports will send the total of airports in the Fly to Brazil series to 33. Aracaju, Belo Horizonte (Confins), Foz do Iguaçu, Guaíra, Ilhéus and São José do Rio Preto will make your virtual Brazil richer and prettier than ever before. With the amazing quality as always and continuing with our concept of “high quality sceneries with low frame-rate impact”, Fly to Brazil #5 is another sure hit. Summer has just begun in the northen hemisphere, but in Brazil it’s just the beggining of winter, even though it rarelly feels like it. With Fly to Brazil #5, it’s summer all year long. (That’s a lie because our sceneries looks different during the four seasons with seasonal textures). So, while you lost time reading this you could have already been downloading your copy now. Hurry, not because it runs out, but because you’ll kick yourself for not flying here already. Purchase now at

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