Nova versão do FSUIPC

Nova versão do FSUIPC a 3.05. No sitio do costume. Mais informações em leia mais.

LATEST NEWS, PLEASE NOTE Two points have arisen recently which will be of interest to FSUIPC 3 users: 1. The product called WindowBlinds can prevent the FSUIPC menu entry appearing in FS. In fact it can prevent any add-in’s menu entries. To get around this you should use WindowBlinds settings. Go to “Per Application” settings and search for the FS .exe. Then check the first option in the WindowBlinds settings box for the selected .exe and tell it to use the default skin. Then, I’ve been told, it will all work. 2. Any changes made to FS’s global weather, by any of the FSUIPC weather filter facilities, will result in the FS Weather Setting changng to “User Defined”. If you prefer to stay with the Weather Themes you need to select Minimum Weather Defaults for FSUIPC by pressing the button with this inscription on the first options page. This is fixed in version 3.05, out now. FSUIPC updated to Version 3.05. See below for details. Windows 2000 and XP users: please note that in order to Register FSUIPC and WIDEFS successfully, you need to have Administrative access rights to your system. I know most folks are, and that you need this to install FS in the first place, but the Registration part of the FSUIPC process is much like an installation in this regard and it has certainly affected some users. The symptoms of the problem otherwise are that the registration appears to go well, FSUIPC confirms and suggests you restart FS, but when you do and check you find the registrations don’t “stick”. I have now modified the documentation to mention this, and since version 3.03 of FSUIPC it detects the problem automatically and reports it in the registration section of the first Options page. Separate registration of FSUIPC and WIDEFS: If you obtain registration keys for FSUIPC and WIDEFS separately, please be very sure that exactly the same name and email address are used both times. FSUIPC only handles one copy of these for both registrations. There have been cases where one of the keys will not work because of minor differences in the other details. REPLACEMENT KEYS Those who have been issued keys which don’t work still with 3.02, for any one or more of the possible complex reasons, please send me a note including the the Registration email details. Send them to and I will try to get you working keys. Apologies for the hassle. There seems always to be something which slips through no matter how thorough we try to be! SUMMARY of RECENT RELEASE CHANGES FSUIPC 3.05 These are the more important changes in 3.05: 1. The visibility maximum values and smoothing actions are now applied to all weathers in FS2004, independently of the weather source. 2. Graduated visibility is introduced for FS2004, and also applies to all weathers, independently of source. Unlike the FS2000/FS2002 equivalent, this does not make use of the visibility layer, which is left as set by the weather data. 3. The New Weather Interface (NWI) now has additional weather setting commands to set local weather “pending” first, and “activated” later. When these facilities are implemented in a weather program, they will help eliminate most of the small hesitations that may sometimes occur when the setting of each station needs activating separately. 4. Facilities are included in the NWI for programs to read the complete weather data for any place in the FS world, by providing the Latitude and Longitude. WeatherSet2 is revised (version 1.31) so that it can use this facility too. 5. By default FSUIPC now no longer applies any of the weather filter actions to FS2004’s own global weather settings. This action had the unfortunate side effect of always switching FS’s Weather settings to “User Defined”, even if a Theme was selected. If you use FS global weather and want the FSUIPC filters to act upon it, you now have to alter an option in the Technical page. 6. Weather data and other values are now still updated when FS is minimised. The update rate will be reduced, however (2-4 fps). 7. Additional IPC offsets now working in FS2004 include: 0AF0, prop type: 0=fixed pitch, 1=constant speed 0C20, the current FS time in string form 30D8, dynamic pressure 3BD6, a new set of “partial panel” failure control/flags, including separate NAV/COM 1 amp; 2 radios

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