Update para o FS2004 do Flight1 DC9

A Flight1 em press release anunciou o update para o FS2004 do DC9. Em Leia mais pode ler o comunicado. Para mais informações pode ir por aqui.

Flight One Software has announced the FS2004 Century of Flight update for the Iron Knuckles DC-9.
The FS2004 DC-9 update is available at no cost and requires an installation of the original product before application of the update.
The DC-9 FS2004 update includes the following changes and enhancements:
1. VC – Many gauges on the main panel are now “clickable” and the VC has been visually enhanced.
2. Specular lighting feature added.
3. Improved and added texturing to thrust reversers inner side.
4. Added a new “Century of Flight” paint scheme
5. Load Manager has been updated for FS2004
6. Glare shield transparency problem at night, is now fixed.
7. Cargo door now works independently of the passenger door with Shift | E | 2 command.

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