NAVData de novo no site antigo

Richard Stefan voltou a colocar o site completo on-line. Não é um regresso, mas pode ser que o anunciado fim não aconteça de todo. De tempos a tempos poderá sair um update aos AIRACs, mas não serão numa base regular. Em ‘Leia Mais’ o comunicado do autor. O site está aqui (poderá ter que fazer CTRL-F5)

Hi all,during the last 3 days i have received over 2.200 mails from user of all over the world, from children to adults, from flightsim-gurus to beginners. I would say thanks, thanks a lot for all these mails. I have read it all, but i´m not in the situation to answer each mail personal, sorry! Many of you had asked me why? Many of you had asked me to reconsider my decision once again!Now, my decision is the same and my reasons too, but i have seen how much user needs, no wanted a central platform for their navigation-updates. I have seen that the NAVData homepage was every time the first adress for such updates. I had never thought, that the navdata service is so popular and a fix component in the world of on- and offline flying. Therefor, i have reopend my good old NAVData-Homepage to help all to use these central platform for the next time … It´s the old version and i don´t investigate any work in it, it runs with all functions as in the past and the site will be available during my break, but without any support!
BUT!! And that´s important …I don’t know when or whether I will release a new circle. As i wrote in the closing statement (see below), i need the break and i can´t say when/whether i come back. This step to switch back to the old homepage is only a thank you to all and should use as a sharing point of SIDs/STARs or flightplans (and as a upload point for the AIRACs). When i have time, when my motivation is back you can expect new AIRAC cycles, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don´t ask me WHEN! Don´t ask me WHEN i´m ready with the new homepage, don´t ask me WHEN i´m ready with a new cycle, don´t ask me WHEN i´m ready with FSAirac … I don’t know whether I get ready at all!
Again, I am very, very touched over these nice mails and the kind words in it. It is nicely to see that the world doesn’t only consist of idiots. This is my thank-you to everyone who has held the faithful one to me all these years – the good old NAVData-Homepage 🙂
Kind regards,Richard

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