Está aí o ServInfo 2.02

Acaba de ser lançado a versão 2.02 do utilitário mais usado pelos pilotos virtuais que voam online. As alterações são extensas, mas o destaque vai para a visualização dos prefiled flights da VATSIM. Downloads aqui. Lista completa de alterações em ‘Leia Mais’.

version 2.02 (December 2003)
New Features:- TeamSpeak voice servers used by IVAO are supported in displaying channel/users information and joining channels both in the ServInfo application the ServInfo gauge.- IVAO and FPI ATC booking systems information can be displayed in ServInfo through pre-configured custom network buttons, the same way as VATSIM’s EUROBOOK- VATSIM prefiled flights (users that have prefiled a FP but have not yet connected to the network) are optionally included in all tabular displays indicated by a dark yellow arrow symbol (this option is by default on)
Bugs Fixed: – Bug that was preventing retrieval of country/region or partial code NOAA requests – Problem with channel information display with the AVSIM RW voice server – Wrong placement of ICAO codes and weather windows in multimonitor systems – Crossed speaker icon instead of no icon when no ATIS info available for IVAO and FPI – No –NONE entry in the voice servers list was missing for custom networks – In selected details non active controlles selected by CID are now displayed

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