Press Release da Lago

A LAGO publicou um press release em que anuncia os seu planos para os próximos tempos. De notar que tem existido nos fóruns uma grande agitação após as recentes remodulações. Em ‘Leia mais…’ a press Release.

After a number of speculative messages in the flight sim community, we feel that Lago needs to clarify some points which have been brought out of perspective. First we would like to inform all of you out there that Lago is still working on future projects and is in fact growing stronger each day that passes, thanks to its new site and collaboration with professionals such as the Italian Airforce and many virtual associations.As from the beginning of this year, Lago has gone through some fundamental changes. Mathijs and the whole ConDev team has been replaced by a new development team headed by Ugo Grandolini, who

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