Service Pack 1 para A320 da iFDG

Acaba de ser disponibilizado a primeira actualização do A320 da iFDG. Foram criados novos modelos 3d (mdl) que corrigem pequenos erros e adicionam algumas coisas novas não incluidas na primeira versão. Algumas falhas relatadas no forum da iFDG são tambem corigidas neste update. Lista de alterações em ‘leia mais’. Downloads no site oficial em ‘Patches amp; Fixes’.

A320 SERVICE PACK by iFDGTO USE:PATCHED MODELSTo use the patched models, go into the Models folder. A320-200 CFM – A3202CFM.mdlA320-100 CFM – A3201CFM.mdlA320-200 IAE – A3202IAE.mdlA320-200 IAE with JetBlue type antenna – A3202IAEJB.mdlReplace the .mdl file of your current A320 (in the A320’s Model folder) with these mdl files according to its type.MODEL CHANGES:FLAP FLIPS ONLY ON PORT SIDE – fixedIAE ENGINE FANS AND CASING (variety of problems) – fixedDYNAMIC SHINE has been removed from the cargo bay interiors, entryway interiors, and cockpit interior.PORT WINGBOX GEAR DOOR BULDGE – fixed, when view from the port side a gap could be seen between the buldge and the door itselfWINGBOX REAR HALF – smooth out a dentWING FENCES – Top leading edge straightenedFLAPS – moved back futher so their leading edges are flush with the spoilers, and their max deflection changed to 40 degrees.GROUND SPOILER – the inboard spoiler is no longer is linked to reverse thrust, but instead now acts as a true ground spoiler, deploying with the spoiler key but only on the ground.STATIC WICKS – have been reduced in length by 50%CABIN DOORS – added their attachment armsAIRCRAFT NOSE – on some paints, a “bare” section on the very tip of the nose could be seen. this is fixedCrew ditching ties on the wing addedPURPLE WINGSThe Wings folder contains some new wings which eliminate any purple areas you may have. Visit our forum’s Airbus Discussion section (Topic Airbus A320 Problems and Fixes) for livery specific fixes, as these wings are generic in nature and you will lose any custom winglet colors and wing registration decals. If you have some image editing software you may copy over the winglet area yourself to the new wing texture squares.NIGHT LIGHTINGThe Night Lighting folder contains replacement cabin and vertical stabilizer light maps for those with non-functional cabin and vertical stabilizer lighting.LIGHT EFFECTSOpen lights.txt, you will find a new lights config for your A320’s aircraft.cfg.To use this, open the aircraft.cfg and look for the [lights]section. Replace that entire section with the new section included in lights.txtCONTACT:Albaro

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