Airnav Acars Decoder 2.1

O nosso compatriota André Brandão acaba de lançar uma nova versão do seu Acars Decoder. Fundada em 1996, o software da AirNav Systems é utilizado por mais de 10 mil utilizadores espalhados por mais de 150 países. Mais informações no site oficial. Em ‘leia mais’ a press release completa.

DALLAS, Texas – March 16, 2004 – AirNav Systems, the developer of AirNavLive Flight Tracker, the world’s most used Flight Tracking solution, isproud to announce the release of AirNav ACARS Decoder 2.1.The new version of the most widely used ACARS Decoder includes all thenew features introduced in December’s version 2.0 such as real-timeaircraft data and image download from the internet. With the possibilityof connecting to realtime Internet ACARS servers, users will also beable to use the program with just an internet connection.AirNav ACARS Decoder main features include:o Realtime ACARS Decodingo New Live Text Log with realtime downloaded aircraft pictureso Renewed interfaceo Able to connect to Internet ACARS Servers and receive messages withoutan airband receivero Automatic Accurate Aircraft Data Downloado Possibility of using Wacars routes.wdf and aircraft.wdf fileso “Flight Watch” featureo Statistics in realtimeo Photo and aircraft data powered by the world’s biggest aircraft photodatabase, Log File ReportRegistered users of the old AirNav ACARS Decoder version, will obtain a25% discount when registering the new version. The upgrade period wasextended until the end of March 2004.About AirNav Systems LLCAirNav Systems has been publishing and developing software for theaviation world since 1996, an eternity in Internet terms.Always with high quality standards and innovative features not found inany other similar programs, AirNav Systems products have been reviewedin more than 30 magazines and newspapers worldwide. AirNav Systemscurrently has more than 10 thousand users in 150 different countries,including airlines, business jet operators, airports and aviationenthusiasts.For additional information visit AirNav Systems

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