O lado Alternativo da simulação

Se para muitos as siglas GNU GPL não querem dizer nada, para outros são motivos para vénias e quase uma religião. E se estas vierem associadas a um simulador de voo? É isso que é o FlightGear, Freeware e Open Source. O Linux dos simuladores. Segundo o autor, o cenário completo que pode ser descarregado em suaves prestações funcionais, ocupa o equivalente a 11 CDs. Alem disso está disponivel para as plataformas mais variadas. Mais informações e downloads aqui. Em ‘leia mais’ as caracteristicas mais marcantes desta interessante alternativa.

Over 20,000 real world airports included in the full scenery set.
Correct runway markings and placement, correct runway and approach lighting.
Taxiways available for many larger airports (even including the green center line lights when appropriate.)
Sloping runways (runways change elevation like they usually do in real life.)
Directional airport lighting that smoothly changes intensity as your relative view direction changes.
World scenery consumes 11 CD’s. (I’m not sure that’s a feature or a problem!) But it means we have pretty detailed coverage of the entire world.
Accurate terrain worldwide, based on the most recently released SRTM terrain data.) 3 arc second resolution (about 90m post spacing) for north and south america, 30 arc second resolution (about 1km post spacing) for the rest of the world. When the 3 arc second data becomes available for other areas of the world we will generate new scenery based on the higher resolution terrain.
Scenery includes all vmap0 lakes, rivers, roads, railroads, cities, towns, land cover, etc.
Nice scenery night lighting with ground lighting concentrated in urban areas (based on real maps) and headlights visible on major highways. This allows for realistic night VFR flying with the ability to spot towns and cities and follow roads.
Scenery tiles are paged (loaded/unloaded) in a separate thread to minimize the frame rate hit when you need to load new areas.

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