A Baleia está cá fora

O Ready For Pushback ver 2 está cá fora. Este Avião (notem a letra grande no ínicio) apresenta-se com várias pinturas, Dois cockpits (Tape e analógico), modelo Cargo e passageiros, gestão de fuel a 99% de simulação, manual, filmes etc etc. Para toda a informação pode ir por aqui. Leia mais para a lista das funcionalidades.

There are many things in this new release that seperate it from the First Generation and some are very important.

The Fuel Management Panel is now 99.9% accurate when compared to the real aircraft. This fuel system is now capable of tank-to-engine and tank-to-manifold and there are nearly 400 switch/valve combinations. There are three ways to learn how to use the fuel management system and they are using the all new tutorial flight, reading the manual or watching the appropriate training video. Better yet would be all three of the above. Like Boeing we did build in the proper redundancy but in all cases it will not protect you from doing something silly or stupid.
The manuals are very much enhanced over the previous ones and now have 326 pages of valuable information. The manuals deal with both the real aircraft and the Ready for Pushback Simulation.
We have added and made available the new Take-off Calculator. It is very important that you learn and use this calculator so that you are taking off and climbing out with realistic power numbers. Every flight in the real world is considered for an Assumed Temperature or a Reduced Thrust Take-off and it is no different when flying this simulation.
We all know that step climbs are a part of life when flying a 742 and up until now it was really not a forced part of Ready for Pushback. Well, it is now. When approaching 28,000 feet and above it will be required that you keep a close eye on your rate of climb and make manual adjustments as required. Lack of attention could cause you to just plain run out of power and fall from the sky. Step Climbs involve burning off fuel and climbing again, and again.
A last minute item that has been added is a Take-Off Warning Horn. This horn warns of the aircraft not being properly configured on your take-off roll. This is not covered in the manual yet but will soon be added. It will also be covered on this forum very soon.
We know that a very small percentage of our users like to download another developers aircraft and use them with our panel. Our panel and gauges were developed to only work properly with our aircraft and using any other aircraft will only create problems for you and make our task of offereing support impossible. We have taken measures to detect what aircraft is being loaded and to shutdown systems if a legitimate RFP Second Generation Aircraft is not detected. If you insist on using other aircraft besides RFP Second Generation types then this package is not for you.This is just a short list of things you will find in the new release of Ready for Pushback Second Generation.

At least one of the supplied panels will have the original style Round Analog Engine Guages.
Ground Electrical Power Carts now charge the ships battery.
When the APU is running it now charges the ships battery.
Starting of the engines is now even closer to the real aircraft than ever before.
The use of CTRL + E for an autostart is now blocked and not available.
The ALT SEL and ALT HOLD functions of the MCP are now closer to the real aircraft.
The IAS Climb Mode engagement is now smoother when used correctly.
All Fuel Panel sequences are now 99% accurate when compared to the real aircraft.
The APU now burns fuel.
Self Appearing – Disappearing Sub-Panel Icons.
Hidden Quick Fuel Loading Menu with easy access.
Fuel Panel now includes a working Scavenge Pump.
Easy provisions for installing the CIVA triple INS
Analog Flap gauges available on the round gauge panel
Mechanical digits in the TAS and EPR/TAT gauges
Full instructions for Assumed Temperature Take-Off
The first ever Assumed Temperature Takeoff Calculator.
Analog Engines Gauges updated to work with the FFRATS.
Maximum Indication Pointers for the appropriate Engine Gauges.
Mouse Over Tool-Tips show latest engine data.
The CD Version will contain several training videos to assist the novice.
Several aircraft will be included with at least one cargo plane.Training VideosOn the main Web Site you will find several Training Videos available for download. These can be valuable for all users to get a better understanding of using the Fuel Management, FFRATS, Autoland System and even handling flame outs and engine fires. These videos were designed specifically for Ready for Pushback and are not for any type of real world use or comparisons.

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