PMDG lança 738/739

A PMDG anunciou em press release o lançamento do 737 série 800 e 900. Este upgrade é esperado por muitos simmers devidos às novas funcionalidades. Pode ler o press release em leia mais. Toda a informação aqui.

Precision Manuals Development Group is pleased to announce the release of PMDG 737-800/900 The Next Generation, an expansion of the existing PMDG 737: The Next Generation product line.
Based around the highly successful 737-800 and 737-900 series aircraft, PMDG’s latest addition to the fleet comes complete 2D cockpit, Virtual Cockpit, and Virtual Cockpit/Cabin models of the 737-800, 737-800-Winglet and long bodied 737-900!
PMDG’s usual high degree of detail is present from nose wheel to tail skid, users can choose immediately from 48 free download liveries directly from PMDG’s website.
PMDG’s 737-800/900 expands upon the already successful base product by adding EFIS/MAP (also known as ‘Southwest Style’ instrumentation, entirely new 2D Cockpit artwork and night lighting, Enhanced Virtual Cockpits with nearly 400 clickable features (including a fully accessible overhead panel), frame rate friendly model options, animated wipers and windshield rain. The aircraft mechanical systems have been updated to enhance realism and expand the flying experience including engine and APU fires, fully functioning overhead, throttle and fire control consoles. A completely new radio console has been constructed to operate just like the real airplane, with the addition of audio panels, ADF1 and 2 as well as many other new features.
The FMC and Autopilot Flight Director system has been enhanced to include significant new functionality including soft constraints, Opt/Max altitude calculations, an actual functioning algorithmic Cost Index function based upon aircraft operating costs, FMC Offset routes, enhanced great circle and course tracking capability, Long Range Cruise options and Speed/Altitude Intervention capability on the Autopilot Mode Control Panel.
New and valuable chapters have been added to the flight manual to cover new features in the FMC and throughout the cockpit, with special emphasis placed on “proper flight technique” with two entirely new chapters on the autopilot and 737 flight techniques.
PMDG 737: THE NEXT GENERATION is required to use the new PMDG 737-800/900.
As a way to offer “Thanks” to the customers who have support PMDG during the past 6 years, a special promotional pricing is being offered for a short, TWO WEEK period with pricing at $22.95, five dollars less than list price for this exciting new addon!
Customers can read more about the newest addition to the PMDG fleet by viewing
PMDG will soon begin showcasing the upcoming PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies product due for release this year!
Robert S. Randazzo
Precision Manuals Development Group

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