Novidades FSAddon

A companhia FSAddon tem novidades. Um video que mostra o cenário de Orca’s Island, Um pequeno patch para o mesmo e algumas notícias relativas ao próximo projecto. Toda a informação em leia mais.

“…..FSAddon’s Download Page has been updated again. This time we have added Richard’s VASI Fix. As some of you might have noticed, the VASI lights did not function correctly. Unfortunately due to the nature of how MS is programmed, the author had to make a choice between working VASI lights and his own special runway textures. He chose for the latter of course. But now you can download a set of replacement bgl files that will allow you to make the choice all by yourself. If you like to have working lights, install it. If you don’t like the runway edges and don’t need the lights….. keep the original!
Also added for your enjoyment is Daum’s excellent video presentation of Orcas Island, viewed from his Corsair warbird. This is a hefty 20 mb download, but worth every second of it !! Thank you Daum !!
Last but not least we can also tell you that the very next FSAddon title in the World Scenries Series will be a TWO MORE Washington airfields… we’ll keep the wraps on it for now….. but work on it has started a few weeks ago after we had to dump another idea for the time being. This is so far all in line with the survey we are conducting on simFlight. You may want to vote yourself too… just click here ! Stay tuned for more !….”.

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