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Recebemos um email de um dos sites visados com a noticia anterior a esclarecer a sua parte no que diz respeito ao ciclo Airac. Segundo o que Marcelo Foscarini da nos explica, o acesso ao site da Navdata está bloqueado a IPs brasileiros e que por essa razão a assim como outros sites brasileiros redistribuiam o ciclo Airac para a comunidade brasileira. Depois de uns mal entendidos a situação já está esclarecida e o Richard Stefan da Navdata já disponibilizou o ciclo 0406. Em ‘Leia mais…’ o esclarecimento da sobre este assunto.

Marcelo here, I am the editor of Let me explain what happened resuming the situation or this will become a giant message.

Since December last year access to has been blocked to all Brazilian users. I do not know the reason for this, but the website has obviously been unavailavle to all user in the Brazilian IP range.

Because of this, Brazilian sites like mine, and started to re-distribute the Airac Cycles themselves. We at have always hosted copies of the files ourselves, others link directly to the Navdata files which unlike the Navdata website (the main one) are in fact accessible from Brazil because they reside on a different server. Since this was brought here, I even gave access to some members of the Avsim staff to prove, through our site bandwidth usage, that we hosted these files and not linked them as Richard suggest in his message.

I have tried to contact Richard before at regarding this situation, but the email bounced back with a deferred timeout error message. Since the website was blocked, I believed that emails from Brazil were blocked as well.

Today received an email from Richard requesting removal of the files. We removed the files (which we originally downloaded from within minutes. I also replied to Richard’s email but received no answer from him and was surprised that he ignored it, because if he had took time to read I don

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