SquawkWin para voo online

A SunTeam lançou um programa para voo online com novas funcionalidades para o voo em rede. O SquawkWin permite o voo em FS2002 e 2004 com fluidez e sem ressaltos, não necessita de FSUIPC nem SBrelay entre outras funcionalidades que se encontram discriminadas em ‘Leia mais…’. O SquawkWin já foi aceite pela rede IVAO e aguarda pelo parecer da VATSIM. Para mais detalhes visite o site oficial em www.squawkwin.com

SquawkWin Features

Compatible with FS2002 and FS2004
Multiplayer 100% Real Time Peer-to-Peer with no delay
Perfect image fluidity and smoothing
100 % Compatible with FSNav Multiplayer
Data generated for external TCAS (A.I. Bridge functionalities)
Real Transponder Interface
Weather generated from METAR
No need of FSUIPC, neither SBRelay or other tools
Compatible with Project AI amp; AI Aardvark aircrafts for Multiplayer
Taking in account SquawkBox and Ivap players planes and showing them with best image rendering
Autojoin Multiplayer Session for FS2004
Shortcuts commands like .wx for metar retrieval and .x for transponder settings
Monitor both COM1 and COM2 frequencies of your radio stack
Show Frequencies/Guard/Broadcast messages in FS Text Display green area
ComboBox with all your private contacts
SquawkWin window sizeable
I.C.A.O and F.A.A Flight plans choice
Auto synchronization date and time on startup
Shortcuts keyboard to show/hide SquawkWin window
Shortcuts keyboard to show/hide ATC List (very useful for final approach)
Teamspeak/Roger Wilco integration : automatically launch and join TS/RW Channel .

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