Optimize o seu PC

O SpeedUp é um utilitário para terminar processos desnecessários no nosso computador. OK, não é novidade, mas este é o primeiro dedicado ao FS9. Freeware e ainda em versão beta. Encontre-o aqui e experimente.

FlightSimulator speed and framerate has always been subject to many influences. When FS was just a little DOS program, performance has mostly been influenced by cpu speed. With introduction of FS to the world of Windows, cpu power was no more the main reason for slow (or fast) graphics. Memory usage and background tasks could slow down any (even the most sophisticated) system making usage of FS almost impossible.There is nothing much you can do about memory problems (except from upgrading your total RAM), but there’s a lot you can do about background processes and their cpu consumption.And this is why SpeedUp has been developed. SpeedUp is able to assign a higher priority to the FS process (usually, when you start any windows program, it will be executed with “normal” priority, meaning that any program running with “normal” priority (have you ever had a look at the process list in task manager? You will find lots of processes running simultaneously with normal priority) will be given the same cpu time, regardless of the actual need). Windows will be instructed to assign more cpu time to FS, rendering e,g, startup times a lot shorter.The second point is: have you ever thought of how many processes (you won’t need during your FS session) are running in the background, thereby stealing valuable cpu time from FS? There’s no need to run your eMail client while you are flying (except if you want to experience Boeing’s new FlyNet technology ;), nor do you need your favourite instant messaging software, let alone the mp3 player.SpeedUp will provide you with a powerful automated feature that will automatically shut down all programs you don’t need, before launching FS9.Contact: schaefer@acromedia.de

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