IvAp lançado como beta público

O departamento de relações publicas da IVAO-HQ lançou um Press release a anunciar o lançamento do seu novo “Cliente Piloto” baptizado de IvAp. Está desde já disponível para os seus membros na zona de software do site. Para mais detalhes consultem o site oficial e em “leia mais…” as características anunciadas.

· FSUIPC, SBHost, SBRelay, or Third Party Tools are not required for basic setup and Jeppessen Weather! · One click access to IVAO’s multiplayer network! · Steady aircraft movement of other aircraft during multiplayer sessions! · Optional weather interface via FSUIPC to IVAO’s weather information servers for METARS/ACARS! · LED status lights for multiplayer connection and sending of your Flight Plan! · AI-Aardvark and FSPainter Multiplayer Traffic Library (MTL) included for aircraft textures! · VA company frequencies available in conjunction with IVAO’s VA System! · IvAp Modules can run on multiple computers to reduce processor load! · Automatic TeamSpeak channel switching for voice using Comm. Radio or user interface! · Easy s election of active ATC frequency and listed by either DME, Freq, or Callsign! · Programmable hot keys for IvAp, TCAS, Pushback, respond to previous private chat message and more ! · Supports all IvAc ATC client advanced features like editable flight plans by authorized ATC! · Real life ICAO Flight Plan with RVSM, and more . . . ! · Correct text format of text fields for the Call Sign and flight plan route description! · Supports population of TCAS tables in FSUIPC for third party software like PMDG 737 and PSS Airbus. · Realistic FMC characteristics with different looking templates! · Easily accessed squawk mode C transponder with IDENT Button · Aircraft Push back module with turning and final HDG indicated!

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