Foi lançado o FS Sky World 2004

Chris Willis o guru das texturas das núvens lançou o FSW 2004. Este pacote de texturas era à muito esperado: Núvens, luzes de pista, neve, Sol, Lua e muitas outras texturas foram contempladas neste pacote de 130M disponível na AVSIM. Os utilizadores do AS2004 têm à sua disposição um pacote especialmente desenhado para este programa. Em Leia mais o press release. Pode ir buscar o pacote à AVSIM.

“…..Fs Sky World 2004 has been delayed for a long time because of my time I got and motivation specially with the amount of works need to be done, for those many have used fs sky world 2002 for fs 2002, the product have been taken 650 hour if not easily more of works with update etc. As promised Fs Sky World 2004 will be released amp; uploaded at Avsim today, the product is ready to release and have been tested with Real Pilot! The possibility with Fs Sky World 2004 are endless, the utility is near 130MB uncompressed and include: MANY new FSW custom clouds, sky set, landing lights, runway lights, snow fix, sun, moon, lens flare and more. I will upload soon screenshots in the Avsim forum. Especially CloudSky and environment design for Active Sky has been made to have the best and unique visual and scenario possible in Fs2004. I am close with Damian Clark from HIFI and some member of Active Sky to create the best environment for fs2004 and in each Version of future Msfs with full supports. Future Announcement will be made with Active Sky, we are dedicated to reach a unique higher standard weather engine and visual as real as possible in Fs2004 and with each version of Msfs. Performance? I have think for those mid or lower system and I have done already one external clouds package in various size 512,256,128 in DXT and 32 bits format to increase the performance for Fs Sky World 2004. The clouds pack doesn

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