FSMMovingMap v1.2

O FSMMovingMap é um utilitário muito interessante que permite visualizar o voo num mapa ou numa carta aeronáutica. Esta última versão, a v1.2, permite mostrar o trafego AI, e já trás de base uma imagem do mundo inteiro o que permite funcionar desde a instalação sem ter mapas adicionais. Imprescindivel para que faz voos VFR. Mais informações e downloads aqui. Em ‘leia mais’ a lista de alterações face à versão anterior.Nota: Mapa de Portugal calibrado para o FSMMM1.2 disponivel no AirSim, aqui

FSMMovingMap 1.2.0

New: Display all AI Aircraft in vicinity
New: Show installed Map Coverage using a graphical display (really cool)
New: Progressbar while initial loading
New: Added a default world image so it can be run out-of-box
New: Disabled double-click map when launched from browser (kneeboard)
New: Added warning if user tries to edit the map in Kneeboard
New: Remember Launcher position on screen.
New: Option to show Inset by default.
Update: Optimised initial loading – about 300% faster now.
Update: Allows default Zoom of 25% and 50%
Update: Mass update now allows easy selecting of multiple items with more features.
Update: Optimised routine to check if image is already installed.
Update: When FSMMM was unable to connect to FSUIPC, it was returning a generic error message instead of a detailed one.
Update: Removed relative linking of files, as some users reported problem with it.
Fix: Some users were experiencing difficulties while mass importing maps on a non-english regional settings – this should work better.
Fix: If the image is smaller than display size, Aircraft positions weren’t correct.
Fix: Aircraft icon wouldn’t get displayed on Windows98 if the heading was not 0°
Fix: An error would be raised if a projection file didn’t have a valid image.
Fix: “Mass Import” were not verifying valid Projection

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