Beech A36 on Floats!

Foi com este título que Lou Betti da Dream Fleet mandou o press release que relata o último update deste GA. Já não bastava o 430, o wx500 e o Sandell. A Dreamfleet levantou mais uma vez a fasquia lançando esta versão imaginária. Para completar existe a possibilidade de facilmente transformar numa versão TC. Em leia mais o press release.

DreamFleet Releases Beech A36 on Floats!

DreamFleet is pleased to announce the release of the “Fantasy Float Version” model of their popular Beech A36, which was released in March.
This free model is available to all licensed users of the DreamFleet Beech A36. DreamFleet’s Mikko Maliniemi provides details:

“In reality, the Beech A36 is not available on floats, but since this is Flight Simulator, I decided to simulate one. After showing the model to Lou Betti, he took a poll of our customers, where the vast majority said they would like one to fly, so here it is for you to enjoy!”

In addition to the Float Version, also included is the recently released Update to the A36. This Update provides a few minor tweaks to the product, and also Updates the instrument panel with a Radar Altimeter.

For those who wish to purchase the DreamFleet Beech A36, please be advised that the current download version of the product contains the Update, but the Float Version will remain a separate download for those who desire it.

The Float Version and Update, along with a stand-alone Update without the Float Version is available at the A36 downloads page, located here:

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