Simple FMC v1.5

Acaba de ser novamente actualizado o SimpleFMC. Esta versão, a 1.5, permite a utilização de aeroportos como waypoints, a utilização de pontos tipo PBD (Place/Bearing/Distance), por exemplo FUN/213/7. Permite ainda a introdução de rotas completas de uma só vez, como LPPT GANSU UN975 NARTA UZ14 LIDRO LPMA. Faça download aqui. Em ‘leia mais’ as novas caracteristicas do simpleFMC.

V1.5 —————–* Fixed the route display bug when the navdisplay was opened after the route was inserted.* Added support for airport entry. Now aiports can be entered like normal waypoints.* The descent distance estimate now takes the destination airport altitude into account, if the last waypoint is an aiport.* Changed altitude reach circle from +/- 90° to +/- 50° from the centerline.* Added PBD waypoint (thanks to Mark Foti!) for example: “GRZ/180/10” denotes 10nm south of the Graz VOR ATTENTION: You must enter the true bearings (not magnetic)! I hope i’ll find a possibility to get the variation from any point on earth somehow from the flightsim…* Added support to enter whole ICAO style flightplans (for example: A FP from EDDM to EDLP can be entered like this at once: “EDDM MIQ Y102 ALB UM726 ANELA UL604 DEMAB L604 FUL G5 LAU Z190 WRB EDLP”)

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