Simple FMC v1.6

Mais uma actualização do SimpleFMC. Esta nova versão, a 1.6, altera a estrutura de ficheiros do programa e a versão anterior deve ser totalmente apagada para evitar conflitos. O simpleFMC continua a ser o melhor FMC freeware e cada versão melhora aspectos da anterior, muito devido a feedback de utilizadores. Faça download aqui. Em ‘leia mais’ as novas caracteristicas do simpleFMC.

V1.6 —————–* Added Spanish README (based on version 1.5)* Fixed negative track bug.* Fixed deletion of first waypoint when not moving (on ground) and too near.* Added map mode to navigation display.* Added waypoint shifting. Now the selected waypoint can be shifted up and down inside the list of waypoints.* Added tooltips.* Enhanced flightsim connection detection. Now when not connected, the first waypoint is taken as the current location.* Added persistant config (Window positions, …)* Added “keep on top” option for the navigation display.* Much faster startup time (Index of navdata is stored in the config).* Configurable display update rate.* Added name of AIRAC cycle used to the simpleFMC window title.* Changed directory structure.* Added navaids from AIRAC. Now not only but also all normal navigational aids (NDBs, VORs) can be used.* Added full facility type and name to waypoint choose dialog entries. (e.g. GRZ = VOR Graz)* Added AIRAC 0511.* Changed input format for LAT/LON waypoints.

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