Nova versão do Squawkbox

Está dísponivel uma nova versão do Squawkbox 3. A versão 3.0.4 vem corrigir algumas falhas das versões anteriores e acresecentar novas funcionalidades. Se é membro da VATSIM e se costuma usar o SB3, pode efectuar o download da nova versão, aqui. Em “Leia mais…” pode ler as alterações efectuadas.

Version 3.0.4November 28, 2005, build 5850, CL 377

Send aircraft information to all clients, not just pilots. Allows visual ATC clients like tower to display SB aircraft correctly.
Allow use of .msg command without entering an initial message.
Fixed crash bug triggered by opening multiple instances of the options dialog (bug 534).
Fixed several typos in the VIP aircraft.cfg file (bug 544).
Fixed problem where newly added planes briefly appear at the user’s location (bug 556).
Flight plan dialog items are saved in the registry even if the flight plan is not transmitted or saved.
Added support for new FSUIPC events triggering private voice PTT (requires FSUIPC 3.50 or greater).
Added code to check for innapropriate local modifications to equipment.txt that would cause bad data to be transmitted in the PI packet.
Increased FSUIPC connect timeout from 2 to 4 seconds and require two consecutive failures to trigger a failed connection to FS.
Upgraded to FSUIPC 3.50.
Upgraded to SquawkBox Data 2005112600.
Added major VIP3 update.

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