À volta do mundo com a TAPV

A Tap virtual, através da sua recentemente renovada frota navigator, está a organizar uma volta ao mundo. Depois de muito tempo de inactividade, a frota navigator regressa em explorando a componente lúdica da aviação virtual. Um passeio em 40 legs por destinos pouco habituais. Em ‘leia mais’ a press release completa (em inglês).

TAPV – World Trip WT2006

TAP Virtual World Tour 2006.
The World Tour of this year was made to give the pilots of the TAP Virtual a better amusement and, at same time, sense of reality.
It has various degrees of airports complexities with non precision approaches, such as, in mountains, islands…
You got to have a good knowledge of civil aviation procedures, such as navigation, reading charts, approaches for VOR/DME, ILS and NDB.
You have to sweat if you want to reach the end
You can view the map below. All charts for all legs are available

Attention to the performance of the respective airplanes. This entire journey has been tested with BOEING 747-400 and is necessary to calculate the suitable amount of fuel to guarantee the take-off of some of these runways.

Trip destinations

TP560W Lisboa (LPPT) / Faro (LPFR)
TP561W Faro (LPFR) / Ibiza (LEIB)
TP562W Ibiza (LEIB) / Sion (LSGS)
TP563W Sion (LSGS) / Reggio Calabria (LICR)
TP564W Reggio Calabria (LICR) / Lochini (UGGG)
TP565W Lochini (UGGG) / Ashgabat (UTAA)
TP566W Ashgabat (UTAA) / Kabul Intl (OAKB)
TP567W Kabul Intl (OAKB) / Tribhuvan Intl (VNKT)
TP568W Tribhuvan Intl (VNKT) / Nagpur (VANP)
TP569W Nagpur (VANP) / Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose In (VECC)
TP570W Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose In (VECC) / Dibrugarh (VEMN)
TP571W Dibrugarh (VEMN) / Qingshan (ZUXC)
TP572W Qingshan (ZUXC) / Hong Kong Intl (VHHH)
TP573W Hong Kong Intl (VHHH) / Zamboanga Intl (RPMZ)
TP574W Zamboanga Intl (RPMZ) / Presidente Nicolau Lobato Intl (WPDL)
TP575W Presidente Nicolau Lobato Intl (WPDL) / Darwin Intl (YPDN)
TP576W Darwin Intl (YPDN) / Cairns Intl (YBCS)
TP577W Cairns Intl (YBCS) / Henderson (AGGH)
TP578W Henderson (AGGH) / Port Vila Bauerfield (NVVV)
TP579W Port Vila Bauerfield (NVVV) / Fua Amotu Intl (NFTF)
TP580W Fua Amotu Intl (NFTF) / Rarotonga Intl (NCRG)
TP581W Rarotonga Intl (NCRG) / Tahiti Faaa (NTAA)
TP582W Tahiti Faaa (NTAA) / Totegegie (NTGJ)
TP583W Totegegie (NTGJ) / Mataveri Intl (SCIP)
TP584W Mataveri Intl (SCIP) / Arturo Merino Benitez Intl (SCEL)
TP585W Arturo Merino Benitez Intl (SCEL) / El Loa (SCCF)
TP586W El Loa (SCCF) / Presidente Medici (SBRB)
TP587W Presidente Medici (SBRB) / Rochambeau (SOCA)
TP588W Rochambeau (SOCA) / Hewanorra Intl (TLPL)
TP589W Hewanorra Intl (TLPL) / V C Bird Intl (TAPA)
TP590W V C Bird Intl (TAPA) / Rafael Hernandez (TJBQ)
TP591W Rafael Hernandez (TJBQ) / Norman Manley Intl (MKJP)
TP592W Norman Manley Intl (MKJP) / Jose Marti Intl (MUHA)
TP593W Jose Marti Intl (MUHA) / Grand Bahama Intl (MYGF)
TP594W Grand Bahama Intl (MYGF) / Norfolk Intl (KORF)
TP595W Norfolk Intl (KORF) / General Edward Lawrence Logan (KBOS)
TP596W General Edward Lawrence Logan (KBOS) / St Johns Intl (CYYT)
TP597W St Johns Intl (CYYT) / Ponta Delgada (LPPD)
TP598W Ponta Delgada (LPPD) / Madeira (LPMA)
TP599W Madeira (LPMA) / Lisboa (LPPT)

If the registrations volume reaches a considerable amount, a sharing aircraft regime will be adopted (two pilots flying the same reserved aircraft)

As always, there are no restrictions concerning the online flight. Can be done offline, IVAO, VATSIM, without any kind of problems

The registration will be processed by arrival order.

Reserves at safita@netcabo.pt

Link to the event http://ifps.tapvirtual.com/pub_view_events.php?event=30

Doubts at forum http://forum.tapvirtual.com/index.php

TAPV has the support of

David Mestrinho
Navigator Fleet Chief

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