UT Europa

Rios, estradas, texturas nocturnas, landclass e costa são os componentes do Ultimate Terrain. Passa a estar disponível a partir de hoje o UT Europe. Toda a informação em Leia mais em press Release.

Flight One Software, in partnership with Scenery Solutions, has officially released Ultimate Terrain Europe. This is the third, largest, and most ambitious version of the Ultimate Terrain series.
Europe, with it’s complex network of roads, rivers, coastlines, waterways, railroads, and other infrastructure, was a tremendous challenge for the Ultimate Terrain – Europe developers. The end result is a product that completely transforms the greater part of Europe with all new features that will make your Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 flights much more realistic:
Extensive Road Network – Using professional real-world data.
Railroads – Provides greatly enhanced railroads, including rail yards.
Spectacular Night Lighting – Adds a new night lighting environment unlike anything else on the market.
Accurate Water Data – Using the most detailed, largest-scale water data available for the European Region.
Enhanced Coastline System – Coastlines are sized appropriately, depending on the location, as well as providing sandy beaches where appropriate.
Landclass Enhancements – Cities, towns and even small villages appear in a much more accurate location.
Compatibility With Add On Scenery Products – We are currently working with many developers of scenery products for Europe, to achieve compatibility with Ultimate Terrain now and in the future.
Also included in the product are detailed land polygons for things like parks, golf courses, commercial areas, industrial areas, and of course the beaches. The polygons will align with the road boundaries, just like you would see them on high quality mapping services and GPS units.
There is a highly configurable Interface with over 30 features that you turn on and off to suit your personal needs.
Ultimate Terrain Europe is available now via download from Flight1 at http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=uteurope. The product will also be available on DVD later this spring, to be distributed by Flight One Software, as well as Flight1 Europe Ltd. in the European region.

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