Squawkbox, nova versão 3.1

Joel DeYoung e a sua equipa, lançaram a versão 3.1 do Squawkbox. Além de algumas melhorias na performance do software, foram também incluidas algumas novas funcionalidades. O Squawkbox é um programa que permite aos pilotos virtuais o voo online na rede VATSIM. Download disponível, aqui! Mais detalhes sobre a nova versão em Leia mais…

Version 3.1.0 July 2, 2006, build 6594, CL 406 -Upgraded to Visual C++ 8, which uncovered a ton of compiler warnings and a few nasty crashes in the code (e.g. bugs 595, 596). -Fixed the long-standing problem with hangs and low frame rates (bug 588). -Fixed the problem with some aircraft not displaying, first introduced in version 3.0.4 (bug 579). -Patched a vulnerability related to interpreting FS chat messages from any MP player as SB commands. -Fixed a problem where interim pilot position packets were being ignored (bug 585). -Changed controls in flight plan dialog to prevent inadvertent clicks on voice/text radio buttons (bug 581). -Added a .wallop command (bug 592). -Fixed some issues with compatibility with the new VRC client (bugs 582, 591, 594). -Limited the size of the callsign field to 10 characters (bug 572). -Addressed a problem with matching aircraft that didn’t have entires in related.txt. Was manifested by the new PC-12 model in the SBX model set not displaying (bug 590). -Fixed several minor problems with VIP data files. -Upgraded to SquawkBox Data 2006062300.

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