Ainda sobre o FSX

Quem é que não tem dúvidas acerca do FSX? A SimFlight fez uma série de perguntas aos produtores que, amavelmente, responderam. Conheça-as em ‘leia mais’. Uma outra forma de conhecer as novas caracteristicas do FSX é explorar o site oficial de promoção do produto. Está integralmente em flash e acessivel aqui.

There have been lots of questions in the forums and most of them are hardware related. Fortunately the dev team has answered most of these questions and skipped some other questions. That is quite understandable since some features are still work in progress. Anyway, below you will find our questions and the answers from the dev team:
Q: Regarding sound in FSX. We already know FSX will support 5.1 Dolby surround. Is it going to be possible to have separate speech and sound effects. Is that by using one soundcard or by using multiple soundcards?A: You will need two sound cards for the ultimate FS experience.
Q: FSX supports setups with two video cards. Can simmers experience the benefits of such setups when using DirectX 9 or do the results only show when using DirectX 10?A: FSX does not benefit from SLI on DX9.
Q: The detailed rendition you showed of DirectX 10 looks great, but will FSX run with DX10 at basically the same frame rate as with DX9? A: We hope to achieve that, but will not know until we have hardware, and have implemented the code.
Q: Is there any support in the SDK / source code for hardware specific add-ons like MCP

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