Active Sky 6 actualizado

A Hify Sim actualizou o conhecido programa gerador de meteorologia para o FS2004. O Active Sky 6 e o Ground Environment estão desde já disponíveis. Se é um dos possuidores do ASv6 poderá actualizar o seu software nos seguintes links. Active Sky 6 e Ground Environment. Em “Leia mais…” poderá ler o que foi alterado na nova versão.

“……..New additions include GE Pro integration options, new automatic ActiveRadar installation monitoring and repair, improved databases and coverage, and much more. For GE Pro, this upgrade includes new stunning and color-customizable night textures with presets, new beautiful desert and boreal textures, a completely redesigned and revamped interface, new Dutch textures with night lighting and aligned autogen, new halo bitmap and of course full integration with ActiveSky Version 6. By themselves these upgrades represent a significant enhancement over the previous versions. Together, a seamless, coordinated and beautifully-combined Ground/Sky/Weather visual environment all with conditional weather influence is now finally available……..”.

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