Anunciada a versão 2006 do MadDog MD-80

Já foi anunciada no site oficial a nova versão 2006 do “Fly The Maddog MD-80”, compatível com o fs9 e o FSX. A última patch para o fs9 – 1.51E03 – já havia resolvido a grande maioria dos problemas com este excelente add-on e introduzido algumas novidades únicas em add-ons MSFS, mas os autores não pararam e a lista de novas features promete. Conheça-as em ‘Leia mais…’.

New 2d panel graphics and 3d model
Complete CM-1 and CM-2 instrument panels with functionally separated instruments.
Dual/multiple systems simulation (DFGS, FD, CADC, EFIS, AHRS) with switching.
Full electrical system simulation including working overhead breakers.
Full dimmable cockpit lightning and backlighting.
Brake degradation with wet or frozen runway and with brake overheating.
Realistic icing on flight.
Auto/Manual pressurization system.
More accurate flight model and engine parameters.
Separate Control Panel application for ground services, failures and instructor control (connection with multiple users via TCP-IP).
Multicrew operation between two PCs connected via TCP-IP.
Possibility to save and reload the panel state (even in flight).
Customizable panel (main color, fd style, fma arm modes, etc.)

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