A400-M para X-Plane 8.50

A400M para a versão 8.50 do X-Plane. Freeware de qualidade – detalhes em Leia mais…

New in this version (Dec 2006):
– Custom panel by Alain Senjean. This panel closely follows the actual A400M panel (within X-Plane limits). It follows Airbus interface standards, and is NVG (Night Vision Goggle) compatible. Alain has done a fantastic job and has brought personal knowledge of the flight deck to this project.vCorrections to the wings and control surfaces.- Slats and air brakes- New Airfoils.- Fire Control System.- Constant Mach Props.- Corrected SFC.- More accurate ranges with different payloads.- Corrected Weights- GoodWay Compatibility.- Pressurization System.- More accurate texture colors.- Wing filets.- NVG compatible interior lighting.- Three fuel tank system, with corresponding fuel transfer system.- Better Low Level Flight performance.- Chaff and flare dispensers.- Aerial Refueling Probe repositioned.- Accurate tire sizes.- Additional miscellaneous bodies
For non-comercial use only.

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