Condor v1.10 disponível!

Apareceu na melhor altura esta nova actualização free para o CondorSoaring, aquele que é já a referência em simulação de vôo livre, depois de batidos todos os recordes, quer de número de utilizadores quer de features que a equipa eslovena foi acrescentando a este excelente simulador. Aqui um vídeo que introduz as novidades desta versão, e em “Leia Mais” a lista das modificações incluídas.

Changes in v1.1.0 (December 23, 2006): —————————————————————-

Added Season holiday cookie (should turn off itself in January ’07).
Totally reworked winch simulation to be closer to the real life.
Added multiplayer winch start option. Winch allows now 5 restarts, free flight unlimited.
Added new tow plane Zlin 226 (Started by Jiri Brozek, finished by Condor Team)
Added flight parameters output for 3rd party instruments and motion platforms (Simkits and generic UDP; UDPServer.exe is included as an example).
Added geo coordinates and scale to the map.
Added option to print flight plan.
Added random offset for glider runway start location to look more natural.
Added TRNHeader into FTR file. This should now enable conversion of FTR to IGC w/o TRN file.
Added “defaults” button for reseting server settings in normal server and DS.
Added entry of water ballast and CGBias into IGC file and to flight analysis.
Added scenery version entry to flight planner.
Added trim position info message.
Updated Manual.pdf to reflect changes in v1.1.0.
Tow planes now land better in strong side wind.
Added minimal runway width = 30m. If not set, it defaults to 30m.
Tweaked flight models for better stall feedback.
Improved dual core processors compatibility.
Tweaked sound algo for better soundcards support.
Tweaked flutter to be more of a random nature for the structural limit. This should help reducing abusive high speed flying.
ChatMessage timeout limit has been removed. This should cure the radio problems with disappearing radio messages.
Collision checking with other planes is now removed when you are in tow/winch.
If author of the scenery entered wrong sea level of the airfield, the tow planes should now not have troubles with their traffic pattern.
Tweaks to the LOD drawing distance.
Recalibration of imperial instruments.
Fixed bug which did not allow to fully turn off all HUD while in watching replay.
Fixed bug with tow planes parked in air.
Fixed bug with tow planes parked at wrong place on ground.
Fixed cloud shadows when terrain visibility was set to minimum.
Fixed outside camera Patch 9 bug.
Fixed bug which could cause crash in some situations if taskhelpers distance was set to 0.
Fixed mixup for Lat and Lon text in flight properties dialog.
Fixed error with Access violation at the Condor exit if sound was set off.
Last selected lesson is now remembered after using ‘try lesson’.
Fixed bug which caused error in saving the free flight replay if lesson has been watched infront.
Fixed KickAllPlayersInGUI bug.
Fixed bug which caused start point to move on turnpoint when user CTRL+clicked on empty turnpoint marker.
Fixed bug where lesson’s airstart was taken as ground start procedure.
… and many other minor things.

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