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Jaacute; natilde;o falamos no FlightGear haacute; algum tempo. Natilde;o levou nenhum update recente e a versatilde;o 0.9.10 jaacute; tem quase um ano. No entanto parece-nos justo lembraacute;-lo. Quando tanto se fala no FSX e no seu desempenho, que tal experimentar o FlightGear? Eacute; um simulador Freeware e de coacute;digo aberto, multi-plataforma e de licenccedil;a GNU/GPL. Em ‘leia mais’ a lista de caracteristicas da versatilde;o actual. Mais informaccedil;otilde;es e downloads aqui. Natilde;o perca as screenshots…

FlightGear 0.9.10

Many improvements to the multi-player mode. Other airplanes are now updated smoothly. There is a really nifty google maps based moving map that anyone can use to track all online activity.
AI planes have improved ground following and are smarter about selecting the active runway.
Include the ability to send ATC and AI aircraft communication to a local festival server to be converted to spoken speech output.
Added a detailed model of the Honeywell MK VIII EGPWS ground proximity warning system.
Added background ATC chatter.
Updated/improved rain cone rendering.
Complete overhaul/redo of terrain textures based on USGS satellite imagery.
Updated manual.

Upgraded to v2.0 of the JSBSim config file format.
Fix a discrepancy in sign of twist and incidence values in YASim between code and documentation.
Updates to YASim for more fine grained propeller modeling.
UFO will now honor elevator trim value so that it will respond to the autopilot altitude hold module.
UFO can adjust it’s speed range so you can use it for super high speed world exploration, or extremly fine grained precise positioning.
Much work and progress with carrier interaction and launch/recovery modeling.

Add a feature that allows the end user to click any where on the terrain. The system will compute a ground intersection and report back the lon, lat, and elevation of the click point. The click point is reported in the property system so it can be read by just about anything including external programs. Later we added the ability to place an object at the click point as well.
Add a feature to play one-off wav files. These are qeued and played sequentially. This was then leveraged to build an ATC background chatter module in nasal that can be turned on/off at run time. This could also be leveraged for tutorials or other interactive type scripts to play prerecorded messages at specific times or under specific conditions..
Allow clock to report local time as well as universal.
Add a model of a KLN89 GPS.
Allow nav radios to be slaved to the gps.
Allow enabling/disabling of menu entries.
Replace old hardcoded frame rate display with a much more flexible nasal/gui version.
Add a listener function to properties so that nasal code can be triggered whenever a property changes. This is more efficient than polling.
Add a save-on-exit option to save user preferences.
Add support for point sprites.
Add support for emissive layers (such as lights) on 2d panels.
Updated gui styles.
Updated airport and navaid data.
Added a new Nasal/XML based tutorial system.

Fix a bug in the metar (real weather) threading that could lead to long pauses and even crashes.
Various compiler/platform fixes.
Fix various valgrind complaints.
Better use of exceptions in places.
Fix the 2d compass texture handling.
Many tweaks and improvements to our keyboard input handling system.
Added a first attempt at MS-VC8 project files.

Updated aircraft:

A4/A3F (cleanups and updates, functional drag chute)
A-10 (3d cockpit, fdm tuning, munitions, drop tanks)
AN-225 (fdm tuning)
BO105 Eurocopter (new livry/logo options.)
B-52F (major overhaul)
Boeing 314 (3d cockpit, fdm updates)
747 (modeling fixes)
Cirrus SR20 (improve interior a bit)
C172 (added KLN89 gps)
C310 (many modeling updates)
Citation Bravo (many modeling updates, Primus 1000 PFD)
Concorde (updated to v2.1, new views, sounds autopilot, fdm updates, new systems)
DHC2 Beaver
F-16 (modeling and munitions updates)
MiG-15bis (adds some 3d cockpit instruments)
PC7 (various cleanups)
Seahawk (general tidy up, cannon, heat haze, catapault launch strop)
T37 (geometry, sound, fdm updates)
YF-23 (misc model updates)

New aircraft available:

Boeing 707
737-300 (Brand new version)
Canberra BI8
English Electric Lightning (F.1A)
Lockheed 1049 Constellation
Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star
Messerschmitt Bf 109
Ogel (a for-fun fantasy airplane.)
New OV-10 with Clickable 3D cockpit
Piper PA24-250 Comanche 250 (N7764P)
Piper Aerostar 700

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