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Se quer saber mais acerca de aerodinâmica, compreender “na prática” o que significam MOIs, coeficientes aerodinâmicos, derivadas de estabilidade, etc… e, quem sabe, meter mãos à obra e “brincar” um pouco com o modelo físico do MSFS, ou até mesmo dedicar-se de alma e coração a simuladores “Open Source” como é o caso do já bem conhecido “FlightGear”, não deixe de colocar nos seus preferidos um link para o “FlightLab” e em especial para a muita documentação aí disponível! E, já agora que falamos de “FlightGear”, veja este interessante ‘review’ no FLIGHTSIM.COM, e conheça o Blog do RunnerDad… Finalmente em “Leia Mais” conheça o que está para vir na nova versão do FlightGear…

Upgrade to JSBSim 1.0: improved gear handling.
Major update to the YASim helicopter FDM: highly increased realism
Improved gliding (YASIM), with winch launching and aerotowing (by either AI or MP pilots)
Improved soaring scenarios, new aerotowing scenario
Support for water planes (YASim): realistic float friction and anchor support
Surface material aware gear in YASim: friction and “bumpiness”, aircraft sink in water
Improved model placement using the UFO: It is now possible to select and edit multiple objects at the same time, moves are relative to the viewer position.
Improvements to Air-To-Air refueling, with air-to-air TACAN for easier locating, and KC135 and KA6-D AI models. KC135 can also be used as an MP tanker
New waypoint manager for autopilot/HUD
New property browser dialog, which can be opened multiple times. See Docs/README.gui for a a list of more features, like enabling verbose mode etc.
Addition of new MIL-STD HUD
Improved viewpoints, including a fly-by view and a dynamic cockpit view. The latter allows 3D cockpits to move a bit relative to the pilot’s head, which stabilizes the pilot’s view at terrain and makes turbulence look more realistic.
Improved fuel and payload dialog for YASim
Multiplayer chat, text and voice (using Asterisk)
Improved Carrier Operations – FNS Foch added, new carrier-capable aircraft
AI improvements, including ground networks for airports, flightplans and boats
Major improvements in taxiing and ground operations of AI aircraft
AIShips wakes, etc
Interactive/scripted control of AI aircraft
Many Nasal enhancements, including debugging console, XML file parsing, improvements to listener model. New extension functions getAttribute(), setAttribute(), systime() for benchmarking.
Use of all textured fonts on panels
Fixed initial texture path problems
Improved dynamic sun colors
Update to World Magnetic Model 2005
Path cache for aircraft configuration files to shorten startup time
Submodels added to all AI Objects – MP aircraft can now have contrails,
Addition of protocol for Garmin 400 series
Addition of fluxgate compass
Addition of GSDI for helicopters
New altimetry method
“Passive” mode for autopilot
Tutorial system improvements
Updates to The Manual
More stringent header dependencies

Boeing 787-8
Northrop Grumman A-6E (Intruder)
Airbus A320
Nakajima A6M2
Antonov An-2
Northrop B-2 (Spirit)
Bristol Beaufighter
Bielsko SZD-9 Bocian
Lockheed C130 (Hercules)
Cessna C182 RG
Sikorski CH-53 E (Super Stallion)
Cessna Citation X
Dornier DO-335
Boeing E-3B (Sentry)
Eurocopter EC 135
McDonnell Douglas F-15 C (Eagle)
McDonnell Douglas F-18 (Hornet)
Chance Vought F4U (Corsair)
Mainair Flash 2 Alpha
Hughes H4-Hercules
Kyushu J7W (Shinden)
Junkers Ju 52
Nakajima Ki-84 (Hayate)
Messerschmidt Me 262
Dassault Mirage 2000
de Havilland Mosquito
De Havilland D.H.110 (Sea Vixen)
Sikorsky S-76 C
Sukhoi Su-37 (Flanker-F)
Avro Vulcan B.2
Sikorsky S-70 (UH-60, Black Hawk)

A-10 – Major model improvements
Aerostar-700 – cockpit, systems, model, FDM
as350 – FDM
B1900D – new primus 1000 flight director
bell206 – FDM
bo105 – cockpit, systems, model, FDM
c182 – model, panel
ch47 – FDM
Citation-Bravo – autopilot/flight director, FDM
Concorde – panel, FDM, systems
dhc2 – amphibious and wheels only versions added
harrier – new external model and 3-D cockpit
Lightning – startup tutorial, model improvements
OV10 – 3D cockpit, weapons, NASA variant added
pa24-250 – 3-D model improvements
pc7 – panel
sopwithCamel – completely new model

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