Mais aceleraccedil;atilde;o, soacute; mesmo se focirc;r num Space Shuttle…

Mais um promissor simulador de viagens Espaciais, desta vez dedicado ao Space Shuttle, com um grau de detalhe deveras promissor. Ao contraacute;rio do que recentemente aqui anunciaacute;mos para o X-15, baseado no Orbiter Space Simulator, este produto seraacute; especiacute;fico para o Space Shuttle e pago, mas pelas descriccedil;otilde;es no site oficial parece que o final de 2007 vai ser rico em novidades! Haacute; coisas fantaacute;sticas natilde;o haacute;?…..

Accurate and detailed 3D models of the Space Shuttle
Accurate 3D model of the International Space Station
Accurate 3D models of satellites and other mission-related objects
Beautifully rendered Space Shuttle 3D virtual cockpit and 3D sound effects
High-Resolution TrueEarthtrade; Global Satellite Imagery ndash; licensed from TerraMetrics Inc. These are the same textures used by Google Earth.
Watch the countdown and Shuttle Launch from the place that few get to see it: the VIP location at KSC.
Experience the Liftoff shakes and engines roar right from the Commander’s or Pilot’s seats.
Perform mission procedures: press buttons, rotate knobs, control and change General Purpose Computer modes and manually guide the Shuttle to a safe landing etc.
First Person View, including EVA ndash; you cannot get any closer to the ISS or Hubble than that!
Third Person View and Free Camera View throughout the missions ndash; watch the Space Shuttle and any space object from angles that even Astronauts never got to see.
Monitor the progress from the Mission Control Center
Multiple Astronauts login complete with personal Astronauts Achievements records and Multiple Mission Saves
Launch Control, Mission Control, Shuttle and Astronauts audio communications.
Three difficulty modes ndash; from Novice which leads the quot;astronautquot; through the tasks with context arrows and full text quot;subtitlesquot;, to quot;Read the Manual Commander!quot;
Documentation: quot;Quick Startquot; and quot;Commander’s Manualquot;.
A set of variable-difficulty historical missions from STS-1 (the maiden flight) and up to the recent ones.
Expandable: we plan to periodically release new missions until we complete the entire historical missions set.
We plan to release an SSM2007(tm) Mission Creator add-on in the future.

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