Novo Tuplolev 154m gratuito

Do leste da Europa chega-nos mais um excelente projecto de mais uma aeronave da construtora Tupolev. O Tu154m, eacute; o aviatilde;o de meacute;dio curso mais conhecido da ex aviaccedil;atilde;o sovieacute;tica. Este modelo inclui tudo o que um bom software pago deveraacute; incluir, com a vantagem de este ser gratuito para o simmer. A lista eacute; enorme e estaacute; disponiacute;vel em inglecirc;s aqui em baixo no quot;Leia mais…quot; ou no site da Pro Team, aqui.

Tupolev Tu-154M, since the demise of the Concorde now the fastest Airliner, considerably improved to its predecessor Tu-154B2. More performance and fuel efficient Soloviev D-30KU-154 engines instead of the Kuznetsov NK-8-2U, widely optimized aerodynamics and plenty of other details. In around 10 minutes up to cruise altitude, you will notice it ! And with up to 99% dispatch reliablity one of the most reliable airliners in the worlds. Now, also the PT Tu-154M release package yoursquo;ll find considerably improved to the PT predecessor Tu-154 B2 ! Extremely accurate visual model with new animations, e.g. the speed and speed vs Flaps dependent Wingflex , much smoother control surface animations ! Engine and Pitot covers, even the forward outer wheel of landing gear is steerable (unique for the Tu-154 !). The 2D panel consists of 21 subpanels in total, a convenient subpanel switching tool has been added. Most noticeable will be the completely new engineer panel. APU and electrics panel, engine and start panel, fuel panel, pressurization and air conditioning panel, all correspond to original layout. But more important, the systems are interconnected, therersquo;s a system depth you havenrsquo;t seen before in FS. Many hydraulic consumers are connected to their hydraulic circuits, several electric consumers are directly visible at the corresponding amperemeter. If you are not careful, they can overload your External Power, APU or generator. Passenger and cargo doors, even the cockpit window is connected to the Pressurization system ! The fire system, even though no fires are simulated, can be integrated in system preparation. The APU bleed air flow is temperature dependent, quite useful on a cold winter day ! Dual air bleed from APU and engine 2 will cause problems, because they share the same duct. Be not surprised, if you canrsquo;t manage to lower the cabin temperature on the ground during hot weather ndash; the capabilities of the air radiators and cooling turbines without much air flow are limited. You’ll find temperature dependent engine performance, check your runway lenght at full weight, if it’s really hot ! And weather dependent friction coefficients, take care with braking on slippery runways. The Tu-154M has three navigation systems on board, besides authentic Russian NVU navigation (with Virtual Navigator assistance !) and VOR Navigation the carefully reproduced KLN 90B GPS can even read actual FSNavigator AIRAC, but also read FS flight plans ! The 2D panels are provided in normal, 16:9 widescreen and three-monitor version, also 2D panel sideviews are available in different resolutions, just choose what fits your hardware. The virtual cockpit, all flight relevant gauges are smootly animated and partially in true 3D. Animated Crew can be turned on/off. Seats are moving as in the real plane, additionally you’ll find animated flight engineer table and logbook and moving windshield wipers ! Well, and two things are just impossible to describe, the flight dynamics and Mike Maarses fantastic engine soundset. Just feel the flight dynamics yourself, and hear the soundset yourself !! By the way, you are not alone, the new crew voice module consists of 170 wav-files. It provides the entire crew including flight attendant complaining about too hold/cold tempearture in the two cabin sections. Also therersquo;s a ground technician accompanying APU and engine start. And spoken checklists, optionally in manual and automatic mode. English and German voisesets are in preparation, a complete Czech version (including Czech Bitmaps) will be also soon made available. The english manual has now grown to 260 pages, includes an illustrated Quickstart section, two example flights and an in-depth system section. Let me take the chance and add a big thanks to Michael (ha5mvo), who has not only filled system parts with meat, but also brushed up my German-English in the entire manual Of course yoursquo;ll find a Loadeditor/Fuelplanner and the excellent Navigation Calculator NCalc, provided by Heavy Sky Lab. The package weight is 95 MB. Due to the many enhancements in the visual model, old repaints shouldn’t be used anymore. After the initial traffic rush, additional downloads will be available (more repaints, widescreen and three monitor panel, 2D sideviews in various resolutions, etc.) And I should mention some issues here too : Due to a technical problem, you won’t find the announced working engineer panel in the VC, it’s deactivated for now. We didn’t want to hold off the release for this reason. And two things, well, sort of slipped through in the tough January time frame : The tooltips are messed up, please turn them off for now. And the GEAR TOGGLE funktion in the Joystick device doesn’t work. For now, please use the other Gear functions, if enough buttons are available. Or just use the keyboard quot;Gquot; or the mouse for Gear operation. Will be repaired as soon as possible ! But now, just have fun and Fly with PT

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