Nova versatilde;o de teste do vasFMC 2.0

Alex Wemmer, o autor do vasFMC disponibilizou agora a versatilde;o Alpha 6 da segunda versatilde;o do seu software que inclui ND+PFD em dois estilos diferentes. Mais detalhes e download gratuito aqui. Em ‘leia mais’ a lista de actualizaccedil;otilde;es

* Fixed DME distance display bug when flying from outside into the range of a VOR station.* Refactored the X-Plane module to work with vasFMC 2.0. This module is *not* compatible the the module of vasFMC 1.x. vasFMC 2.x now has a very basic X-Plane support – many features available to MSFS will not work yet for X-Plane.The PFD and the ECAM will not work, the MCDU and the ND should do their basic navigation jobs.* Added stall speed display (clean + full flaps) to PFD according to values of the aircraft.cfg (MSFS). Many thanks to Peter Dowson who implemented those values on request as fast as lightning.* Added minimum drag speed display to PFD according to MSFS calulated values.* Made small changes, fixes and additions to PFD items.* Fixed distance calculation for the leg between the last two waypoints.* Added slip indicator to PFD.* Limited speed tape to speeds above 30kts.* Fixed bug when entering a departure without a destination airport in the INIT page.* Fixed bug in A-style of the cross track distance overlapping with the range value.* Added ILS DME readout for NAV2 to the ND.* Added speed bug to PFD showing the AP IAS setting on the speedband when AP is set to MACH hold.* Added optional inches of mercury pressure display to PFD (see context menu).* Added predefined vasFMC FSUIPC controls, take a look into the fsuipc.offsets.txt document in the vasFMC docs directory. Many thanks to Peter Dowson who implemented this feature on request as fast as lightning!* Fixed radar altitude QNH bug, now the radar altitude really shows the height above ground.* Fixed ground speed issue below 40kts.* Added metric altitude display to PFD.* Added A-style ADF2 pointer.* Added custom N1 thrust hold and IAS autothrottle.* Added upper ECAM in A-style.* Fixed font size switch problem.* Added many new FSUIPC controls (see fsuipc.offsets.txt)* Added quot;battery offquot; and quot;avionics offquot; handling which will now effect the FMC displays.* The End-of-Climb/Descent arrow in A-style will now be drawn onto the trackline when the FMC is not coupled to the flightsim.* Readded date and time synchronize feature.* Added callouts and sounds (radar alt, overspeed, stall, etc.). Many thanks to Jimmy Foong to give us permission to use his sounds.* The quit dialog may be turned off via the FMC console option menu.* Fixed TCAS symbol bug which disappeared sometimes.* Now when entering a quot;direct toquot; waypoint which is not contained in the route, the waypoints in the route between the current position and the new quot;direct toquot; waypoint will be removed.* Added Squawkbox transponder handling to the MENU page. When switched to automatic mode, the transponder will automatically be engaged when airborne and switched off when on ground.* The configured CDU scrollmode has now an effect onto PGUP/PGDN keypresses.* Made style switching globally switchable via the FMC console.

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