Nova actualização para o cenário da Horta

100740_lphr_fsx_2Os possuidores do cenário da Horta podem descarregar desde já a actualização para a versão 1,1 do cenário da Horta da Tropicalsim. Todos os detalhes corrigidos ou acrescentados ao aeroporto da Horta aqui em baixo:

LPHR Horta – FS9, FSX & P3D Version 1.1
Control tower updated to match recent renovation work.
Island landclass further tweaked
Island season class tweaked
Horta city photoreal area tweaked to match surrounding terrain colors
Added runway distance remaining markings
Added reflection to windows in FSX/P3D version
Added representative ALS on runway 28
Added ground number markings on parking stands
Added new seaport in the city of Horta
Added new photoreal area for the airport zone
Removed yellow stripes from FSX/P3D version runway stopway

The installers have been updated at simmarket, enter your simmarket account and in your purchase history you can select your Horta purchase and download the latest installation file, when you install it should read version 1.1 on the first page of the installer, as well as the readme file that opens automatically after installation will also mention version 1.1

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