Um novo projecto para um simulador

Unigine-screenshot-e1453500752949-640x200A Next Generation iNTERACTiVE Software, é um grupo que pretende desenvolver um novo simulador de voo que pretende englobar toda a comunidade aeronáutica, tanto civil como militar, desde o principiante ao mais exigente piloto virtual. Leia aqui em baixo, o press release que a produtora nos enviou.

“It is absolute nonsense to expect our extensive Flight Simulation community to forever sit upon its’ yoke free hands. Awaiting the arrival of an ‘anointed one’ to march us all into the 3D pixelated sunset world of a next generation, fresh and original Flight Simulator fit for the 21st Century. Rumour has it that the waiting time is over!

With the recent arrival on to the market of the NGiS (Next Generation iNTERACTiVE Software©), Group, there is a feeling of electric anticipation gathering high up in the atmosphere. They have recently announced the beginnings of a newly constituted gathering of industry professionals, intent on producing a product that will literally blast all other comers right out of their newly generated graphical water interfaces!

It is a grand boast, but far from an idle boast. With the confidence of those with years, even decades of expertise in the production of all things ‘flight sim’, the team is already hard at work setting the scene, (and the scenery!). As they get down to the task of beginning the process of writing a completely new program, with no remnants or traces left over from any previous flight simulator versions. This is not an adaptation. It is after all a completely fresh start.

The initial thrust for the team, is to fully engage with emerging technologies in a consolidated effort to bring this newly choreographed development to an eagerly awaiting audience. The time for rehearsal has only just begun, and they cannot wait to present you with the end production on opening night.

They are taking ‘an all things to all flyers’ approach. Giving more breadth, depth and scope to what has hitherto been available. Taking the best from what is around, and opening the market up to a much wider customer base.

From beginners to experts. Gamers, casual users and die-hard flight simmers will be suitably catered for. Are you involved or running a virtual airline, and do you want to open up what is available to your own community? Do you specialise in military, historical or maybe just like to chug around the skies in your highly polished GA craft? Or are you an air cargo tramp, even a small time operator, carrying out charter flights over the African savannah?

Whatever your biome and however deep and diverse your flora and fauna  needs, you will be catered for at a highly developed level. Much higher than you have seen before.

Over the coming months the team will be presenting you with regular updates on progress. Like all good thrillers, they will leave you eagerly awaiting the next episode before the final scenes are set and the spool begins to roll. As the Director calls for silence and…….. Action!

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