Lançado Update v1.1 MK-Studios – Lisboa LPPT

A MK-Studios anunciou na sua página no facebook. “Existem muitas mudanças e melhorias. Ouvimos atentamente o feedback dos clientes e esperamos que esta versão seja ainda melhor que a 1.0.”

Poderá ser efectuado o update na sua conta da SimMarket.

Change log below:

– Terminal textures improved,
– More dirt on the buildings,
– Stand 707 changed to 705 number,
– New centerline lights effects,
– Runway lights visibility improved,
– Added PAPI to runway 35,
– Added RETIL lights on 03/21,
– New ground vehicles and extreme density option,
– Removed part of the lights from twy C and all from twy D according to real life operations,
– Fixed yellow line shape on taxiway S3,
– Fixed yellow line connection on taxiway Z1,
– Fixed yellow bar on U1,
– Fixed runway center line position,
– More 3D grass added in concrete cracks,
– Dissapearing jetways under certain angles fixed,
– Jetway docking/connection to the airplane improved,
– 2D people from terminal removed,
– 3D people added in the terminal,
– Improved night lightning of the terminal interior,
– New options for interior lightning for HDR and non HDR configs,
– Improved autogen on final 03,
– Baggage cars added,
– Dynamic lights improved,
– AFCAD improvements,
– Crash boxes removed from some objects.

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