A FSPS lançou o seu primeiro cenário, neste caso é o aeroporto de Augsburg para o P3D v4.
Um aeroporto localizado a 7km a north da cidade que lhe dá o nome. É um aeroporto de aviação geral e de business. Poderá ver mais screenshoot ou adquirir o aeroporto na SimMarket, por 24.54€


  • Highly detailed representation of Augsburg Airport and surrounding area
  • High-resolution textures
  • Photorealistic ground based on high-resolution aerial imagery (20cm/px)
  • Dynamic night lighting at the aprons
  • Automatic season switching for photoground and vegetation (SODE)
  • Runway & taxiway lighting is not only active during night, but also depending on the weather conditions (SODE)
  • Animated Windsock indicating wind speed and direction (SODE)
  • 3D Grass during Spring, Summer & Fall
  • Realistic specular effects for ground & buildings
  • Fully compatible with ORBX FTX Germany South, FTX Global, FTX Vector & openLC Europe.

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