A MWP Projects lançou o seu projecto Reallights, tornando mais realístico e agradável o voo de noite.
Com um interface usual-friendly será muito fácil configurar ao seu gosto.
Poderá adquirir na Simmarket, por 15.87€ incluindo taxas.

Lista de características:

– Realistic lights bloom
– Realistic lights scale
– True lights brightness
– Good performance
– Fit well into the environment
– Some extended lights distance
– Created real colors of lights
– Great illumination effect on ground, roads, water, etc.
– Ability to adjust the range of drawing cars.
– Realistic glare from lighting masts
– Normalize masts illumination on aprons and other surfaces.
– Easy to install and setup
– Custom launcher
– User-friendly interface in the launcher
– Custom activation system

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