JustSim lança LCLK Larnaca Airport v2 (P3D)

A JustSim como tinha anunciado lançou a versão 2 do cenário de Larnaca.
A principal mudança tem a ver com o uso do PBR, que é usado nas versões superiores 4.4 do P3D.
O cenário pode ser adquirido por 23.25€ incl. taxas, ou por 6.15€ incl. taxas para quem já tem o cenário anterior.
What’s new in V2. 0:

  • Texture ground polygons was changed.
  • Ground polygons were compiled using SDK 4.4-PBR materials used.
  • New autogen objects have been added
  • Animated vehicles has been added
  • Animated wind socks (SODE) have been added.
  • A 3D grass model has been added.
  • AFCAD file has been modified.
  • The user file for the GSX profile has been modified
  • Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS) (SODE+GSX) has been modified
  • Dynamic lighting has been addedchanged.
  • 3D models now use PBR materials (SDK 4.4)
  • Additional optimization performed
  • Small fix


  • Fully compatible with FTX Global openLC Europe
  • Shading and occlusion (texture baking) effects on terminal and other airport buildings
  • Ground polygons made with the requirements of the SDK Prepad 3D V4.4+
  • Dynamic lighting of the apron
  • Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS) (SODE+GSX)
  • High resolution ground textures / Custom runway textures
  • High resolution building textures
  • Animated SODE Jetways  – will come in 2 weeks
  • Surrounding area with custom autogen
  • Custom restaurants and hotels on the coastal line of the sea
  • Fully AI traffic compatible with accurat AFCAD file
  • Excellent night effects
  • 3D birds
  • Optimized for excellent performance
  • Fully 3d taxiways lighting
  • Automatic season change for vegatation, photobackground high resolution
  • Realistic reflections on glass
  • Inclusion of manual in PDF format

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