FIAT G91 da Sim Skunk Works actualizado para a V2.0 MSFS

A Sim Skunk Works actualizou a versão do seu Fiat G91 para a 2.0.

A nova versão pode ser descarregada do SimMarket e tem as seguintes modificações:

What’s new here ?
– a complete set of 22 liveries with some special colors
– added paintkit
– internal sounds implemented
– internal cameras implemented
– external sounds implemented in 3D (cones)
– flight model refined
– almost all issues reported by users have been corrected
– systems has been supplemented by:
* external tank release implemented
* external store emergency release implemented
* flash/steady external navigation lights
* pitch & yaw dampers implemented
– added some key accelerators:
* left-shift + r initiates a ready-to-go sequence
* left-shift + g hides/shows gunsight (suggest to be used with PAN model)

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